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Event Nights

Board Game Night

Board Game Night

✩Tuesdays starting at 5:00pm we have an open board and card game night. Bring a game to play, join someone else's game, learn a new game, or play one off the demo shelf. We have plenty of free-to-play games in our open game room, with snacks and drinks to boot!
D&D / Warhammer

D&D / Warhammer

✩Wednesdays at 6:00pm we play D&D. Bring your party and drag along your DM to come play in a warm and friendly environment with snacks, drinks, and great atmosphere!

✩Thursdays at 6:00pm we play Warhammer. We have tables and terrain ready for play; and a great community of players to talk shop with.
Magic the Gathering / Pokemon Trading Card Game

Magic the Gathering / Pokemon Trading Card Game

✩Fridays starting at 7:00pm we run a rotation of Modern and Draft formats for Magic. Click for our schedule to keep up to date!

✩Saturdays at Noon we host Pokemon battles and hand out prizes to those who can beat the "Gym Leader". Come to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, trade cards, or just hangout and talk about Pokemon with some fellow trainers and collectors. We welcome trainers of all ages and always encourage good sportsmanship!
Kings of War

Kings of War

✩Sundays at 1:00pm we host Kings of War games. We have plenty of terrain and materials for battles; and of course, great company and a good atmosphere!

Q: Do you sell video games?
A: No; Arkham Games does not sell, trade in, buy, use, or otherwise deal in video games.

-Q: How much does the Game Room cost to be in/play in?
+A: Nothing! Our Game Room is always FREE to play in or even just hang out in! We have games on the shelf that are all free to play, terrain that is all free to use in games, and space to stay in whenever you feel like... as long as we're open.

-Q: How do I get a group together here/how do I get events started here/how do I get the store to order in product for my favourite games?
+A: The best way for a game to take off at Arkham is to play it here as much as possible! Talking about it with us or other customers, showing it off, or even just always having it with you and ready to play shows us that it's something worth supporting. We love supporting our community, but that community also needs to be big enough to support Arkham back. We recommend looking at other popular event nights at Arkham to see how those communities interact and organize well enough to make it to Arkham and show support.

-Q: Will you be getting more __________ in?
+A: If we have had it before, it is likely we will be getting it in again. For the most part, Arkham Games will keep stocked on more popular items in all categories, on a weekly basis.

-Q: Can you make specific orders?
+A: Yes, in some cases. Arkham Games can always hear your requests for specific products, but we will not always be able to acquire every item. If you ask for something specific that is not normally stocked, we will do our best to order that item in or let you know if we can not.
If you ever need to contact us or send us anything, the following is a list of contact information and how it gets to us-

Store Phone: 515-964-4188
This is the best way to reach us quickly, only a call away!

Address: 200 SW State Street, Ankeny, IA 50023 [Suite A & Suite B]
This is where to find us and is the address to send things to if needed.

The best place to email us about business or store matters.

Facebook Messenger:
The best place to send us a quick question that needs a quick answer.