Warhammer 40K Tournament

On Saturday, April 29, we held our biggest 40K tournament yet with 12 players. They fought hard over 3 rounds playing specially designed missioned from our TO, Devin. 1st place Ryan O.  with Eldar/Tau combination. 2nd place Andrew S. with Ynnari Eldar. 3rd place Matt R. with Craftworld Eldar.

Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

Today is Thanksgiving and Arkham is closed. On this day, it’s traditional to reflect on what we are thankful for as we eat a week’s worth of food in one sitting. So what is Arkham Games thankful for?
I am thankful for family: My family’s support allowed for the first Arkham Games to open and grow. My family helped prep the space and hang the sign, they helped me purchase the first bit of inventory to hit the shelves, they took care of my dog in the evenings so he wasn’t home alone all day.
I am thankful for my friends: My friends are the reason I’m in Iowa, keeping me on my feet, helping me to see more of the world. My friends support the store, always there to offer help when I need it, or just to keep me company when times are slow. My friends are waiting for me online when I get home to join them in conversation and a game or two.
I’m thankful for gamers: The journey has been slow, but each night, I can look into the game room and see people having fun, sharing the social experience that tabletop games provide. It is the reason I unlock the door every day. I thankful that the gamers support me, for it’s only through them that the game space can be provided.
Tomorrow is the dreaded “Black Friday,” a time of earlybird shopping at big box stores, chaos, and frenzy. Arkham Games won’t be participating in that, for the following day is Small Business Saturday, where shoppers support small brick & mortar establishments. Everything in the store will be 15% off, unless it’s already discounted further. If I don’t have something you want, you can order it on Saturday for the same discount.