Day 2: He’s the ghost with the most. Beetlejuice hit the big screen in 1988. Brief synopsis: A recently deceased couple find themselves unable to move on, prisoners in their old house. When a family from the city buy the house and decide to completely renovate, the ghosts hire a bio-exorcist to scare them away, but once set free, he has other things in mind.

Normally, if you were to say “Directed by Tim Burton and Scored by Danny Elfman,” I’m sold, and this is no exception. The pair have worked together on many of my favorite movies, so it should be no surprise if they turn up again on another day. Beetlejuice has a great blend of creepiness, mild horror elements, comedy and larger than life characters. Betelgeuse (which is actually the spelling of the character’s name) shows up again as a cartoon (1989-1991). I remember loving to watch this on Saturday mornings. Other than utilizing characters from the movie, the cartoon has almost nothing to do with its predecessor. In the cartoon, Betelgeuse is best friends with Lydia and zany adventures in and out of the Netherworld follow.

Did you know: Michael Keaton spent only two weeks filming his part in the film, which lasts 17.5 minutes out of the 92-minute running time. It is Keaton’s favorite film of his own.


“It’s show time.”

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