Day 4: Chernabog is a giant evil demon who appears as the only main character in the “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” segment of the 1940 Disney animated feature film Fantasia. He has been praised as Disney’s best representation of pure evil, and as animator Vladimir Tytla’s greatest triumph. As a very “raw” representation of evil, he, in his original appearance, is not placed in the context of any real story, and he and his minions’ actions are not committed in pursuit of any discernible goal other than general havoc–wreaking and tyranny on all. (Disney Wiki)

Night on Bald Mountain was composed by Modest Mussorgsky in 1867. It remains one of my favorite pieces of classical music in part because I can picture the animation as I hear it. I remember watching Fantasia, back when all the Disney films were release in those giant plastic boxes, easily set apart from other VHS tapes on the shelf. The final short was always the “coolest,” with the fire and the skeletons and the demons.

You can listen here:

Did you know: The words in his name, “cherna” and “bog”, mean “black” and “god” in Slavic languages.

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