Crypt Keeper

Day 5: From 1989-1996 Tales From the Crypt graced the screen with creepy, humorous, gruesome, half-hour stories, often with a twist. The show opened with the camera approaching an old mansion, through the doors and down the hallways, into a secret door and down the spiral staircase into the crypt to be greeted by that high-pitched laugh. The show’s great opening theme was composed by Danny Elfman. Each story was introduced by the Crypt Keeper, voiced by John Kassir, and most episodes contained famous guest stars/directors. Maybe it was the dark sense of humor, maybe it was the terrible puns; the Crypt Keeper made for a great host.

Tales From the Crypt was originally a bi-monthly comic published by EC Comics starting in 1950. Due to mass insanity by conservatives (“Comics are the devil.”) and an extremely restrictive Comic Code, EC cancelled the title in September 1954. Fortunately, there have been reprints on the old stories where you can also find fellow storytellers the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch.

Additionally, an animated series aired for three seasons starting in 1993, replacing the adult themes with more of a Goosebumps feel.

Did you know: It took six puppeteers to operate the Cryptkeeper during his scenes, four puppeteers alone just for his facial expressions.


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