Count Strahd Von Zarovich

Day 7: In honor of Arkham’s first D&D Encounters session, I’ve chosen Count Strahd Von Zarovich for Day 7. The Count is the ruler of the realm of Barovia, originally appearing in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module Ravenloft: Realm of Terror in 1990. When Strahd was a noble mortal, he made a pact with Death, promising to kill his brother Sergei for a chance to win the heart of his brother’s fiancee, Tatyana. Strahd murders Sergei on his wedding day with unfortunate consequences. Tatyana, distraught, throws herself from the balcony of the castle and Strahd was shot by the castle guard only to rise as a vampire and dark lord of the realm. Strahd is a Lawful Evil, Human Vampire (Ancient Class 400-499 years), Fighter/Necromancer and definitely not an easy foe.

Ravenloft is my favorite D&D setting, filled with stories of gothic horror, the land is straight out of the Universal horror movies of the 1930’s. Your normal D&D monsters of orcs and dragons, are replaced with zombies and vampires. Villages and castles teeming with ghost stories, people locking their doors for fear of what goes bump in the night. I have run many an adventure in Barovia, under the shadow of Castle Ravenloft, and each time is new and exciting with a different take on a classic horror story.

Did you know: The magical mists of Ravenloft could appear anywhere in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, drawing evil-doers (or player characters) into the Ravenloft setting.

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