Day 10: Time to lighten things up a bit with three days of clowns. In 1989, direct to video Puppet Master. Puppeteer, Andre Toulon learns the secret of life from an Egyptian and uses it on his puppets to be more popular with the crowds. Apparently the Nazis want the secret and track him down, forcing the puppeteer to commit suicide to keep the secret. The main story in most of the movies is someone controlling the puppets to do evil, only to have them turn against their master.

I also love the opening theme for the movie, composed by Richard Band. Of all the puppets, the theme fits Jester best with a whimsical, almost circus quality.

Jester tends to serve as a watchman or diversion for the other puppets, not performing the violent acts himself. The other puppets also watch out for him. Jester stands a 1’8″ and his head can spin to show five different expressions,¬†happy, devious, sad, angry or surprised.

Did you know: Jester, along with Blade and Pinhead, are the only puppets to appear in all eleven movies.


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