Sweet Tooth

Day 11: The year is 1995. Video gamers get their first E3, Playstation hits the market, and a few months later Twisted Metal. The game is a demolish derby with Gatling guns and missiles. The cast of deranged characters included an escaped mental patient and killer clown Needles Kane, driving an ice cream truck called Sweet Tooth. The name becomes synonymous with the character.

Sweet Tooth appears on the cover art of every Twisted Metal game to date. In my opinion, and the opinion of most critics, the best of the series was Twisted Metal: Black in 2001. Each character has a unique story, being let out of the asylum by the tournament’s creator, Calypso, and being offered whatever they desire should they win. What could a psychotic clown desire? During his failed execution, Sweet Tooth was cursed with the fire, continually burning atop his head. He wishes the curse gone.

Did you know: Sweet Tooth is the only vehicle in the series to have the same driver in every game.

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