Mind Flayers

Day 14: The Mind Flayer was created in 1975 for Dungeons & Dragons.  Mind Flayers, or later Illithids, are humanoids with an octopus like head and great psychic powers. They thrive in the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms, finding themselves superior to other races, often enslaving them for labor, food (Illithids have an appetite for brains), or reproduction.

The Mind Flayer society produces eggs which spawn a tadpole of sorts. Rather than the tadpole maturing like a frog does, it is inserted into a host through the ear where it grows and takes over the host body completely. Kind of half Alien, have Pod People.

Mind Flayers are quite a scary foe to face as an adventurer, often high leveled, lawful evil, psychic being that is difficult to negotiate with simply because you probably lack anything it wants, except your brain.

Did you know: Creator, Gary Gygax was inspired by cover art for The Burrowers Beneath by Brian Lumley, a Cthulhu Mythos novel.

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