Pyramid Head

Day 20: In 1999 Silent Hill was released for the Playstation. Harry Mason searches for his missing daughter in the town of Silent Hill, a rural American town blanketed in fog. Psychological horror and a shift to an otherworldly dimension, are a key elements to the games. Pyramid Head is introduced in Silent Hill 2 as the main antagonist, a manifestation¬†of the main character’s wish to be punished.

Pyramid Head also appears in the film from 2006. The film takes elements from the story of the first game, as well as reusing music from the series, to create a creepy experience. With a mother now searching for her daughter in the town, abandoned due to underground coal fires. What begins as an empty town, soon turns horrific when the other world creeps into our’s, bringing with it a host of evil twisted creatures.

Did you know:¬†The strange stumbling movements of the Dark Nurses when they first “come alive” was created by filming them walking backwards, and then running the film in reverse.

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