Day 23: In the world of Magic The Gathering, one necromancer reigns supreme. However, when I started playing Magic, planes walkers weren’t cards and the famed Liliana Vess hadn’t entered the storyline yet. So today I focus on Lim-Dûl, the necromancer I grew up with. Once a human (they all start out that way), Lim-Dûl fled when his soldier unit was attacked, stumbling upon a magic ring amidst a blizzard. This ring bestowed necromantic powers with which he terrorized the land with his undead minions during Ice Age. He’s put his soul and mind into so many different people and things, it’s hard to tell what has become of the powerful wizard.

Some of my favorite Magic artwork came from the Ice Age set: Jester’s Cap, Giant Trap Door Spider, Dance of the Dead, Chub Toad.

Did you know: Legions of Lim-Dul is the only card ever printed with Snow swampwalk.

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