Day 25: So the Engineers who created humans, create the xenomorphs to kill the humans, but we are a bunch of terrible beings who kill things we don’t understand and find threatening. Well the joke is on them because the threat is set loose and kills all but one of the engineers before attacking Earth. Fast forward over 2000 years and we have Alien: dark, claustrophobic, terrifying Alien. Released in 1979, Ridley Scott’s film scared audiences with the atmosphere of isolation.

First you have the egg, where grows the face hugger, which is really just a delivery system for another egg. The xenomorph gestates inside a host, normally human, and inherits some traits before bursting from the chest, which kills the host. The xenomorph runs and hides so it can grow into a full grown killing machine.

With four movies and prequel, comic books, crossovers, video games, and toys, so much has been expanded on. Some is good and some quite bad. Still, it’s hard to not be scared of the efficient, silent killer in the original installment.

Did you know: In H.R. Giger’s original illustrations the creature has eyes. For the movie, Giger insisted that the creature have no eyes, thus giving the bleak appearance of a cold and emotionless beast.

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