Day 26: One can’t have Alien without Predator from 1987 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Alone in the South American jungle, what was to be a routine mission for an elite team turns into a hunt, but it’s the team that’s being hunted. Predators are a warrior race, priding themselves on honor and the hunt, and valuing skulls as trophies. In the first film, Arnold’s group is hunted by an unseen force hiding in among the trees, taking them out one by one. This enemy is technologically advanced with heat vision, a cloaking device, and a laser targeted pulse gun. The monster isn’t even seen until final fight, and that’s what adds to the fear. Also, as far as final fight scenes go, Predator is a fantastic all out brawl, ending with one of the greatest evil laughs of all time.

Much like the Alien, Predator has perhaps had a few too many licenses thrown around from sequels, video games, toys, and comics. I’ll stick mainly with the first two films, although playing the Alien vs Predator video game multiplayer in college was a blast. The Predator still remains my favorite alien from fiction.

Hilarious SNL skit with the ghost of Harey Carey talking about the Predator:

Did you know? The alien had to be redesigned a couple times, finally with Kevin Peter Hall playing the part, who was 7’2″.

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