The Mummy

Day 27: Back to a classic. At what point did preserved royalty become an unstoppable malign force? I guess the same could be said of zombies. The first seems to be an 1827 novel The Mummy! where one such is brought back to life, and includes a curse to boot. In 1932, The Mummy was added to Universal’s monster line-up. A year following Frankenstein, Karloff dons the make-up of another undead title role, this time with dialog.

Karloff’s character is buried alive after trying to use dark magic to resurrect is dead lover. Awakened when archeologists explore his tomb, the mummy escapes, living as a modern Egyptian in search of his lover yet again. In this original film, the mummy has very little supernatural powers, while some newer films give their characters curses, control over insects, sand and other undead, and other mystical abilities.

Did you know: The piece of classical music heard during the opening credits, taken from the Tchaikovsky ballet Swan Lake, was previously also used for the opening credits of Dracula.

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