Store Information

Location and Background

The store is located at 200 SW State Street, Suite A & Suite B, just south of the intersection of 1st and State.
Arkham Games opened its doors on May 26, 2015 bringing a full-fledged game store to Ankeny, between Des Moines and Ames. Gaming communities have grown steadily since opening, while still keeping that friendly local game store feel.

The shop has changed ownership as of April 22nd, 2019. The store will remain more or less the same as before, but hopefully any changes will be only improvements for our customers as we grow bigger. We are always open to feedback from the community and appreciate your input.

Inventory & Products
Our inventory consists generally of TCG packs and singles, card games, board games, Warhammer model kits, Warhammer accessories, Citadel paints, D&D miniatures, D&D books, D&D cards, D&D accessories, and RPG books.
New product is constantly being stocked for allĀ  popular and new games. If we don’t carry something you’re after or you would like to make sure you can get a product from us when it comes out, you can always request an order from us for any item(s). It is possible we may not be able to get it in, but we can always try for you.

Game Room

Our game room is a large open space with big tables and plenty of chairs. The game room contains a public family restroom, cheap snacks and drinks for sale, free-to-play board and card games, and free-to-use terrain for miniature war gaming.
Our game room is always free to use for anyone; whether it’s to game in or hangout in. We welcome everybody to join us at Arkham to enjoy good company, good games, and a good time.

Social Media
Arkham Games can be found all across the web on all your favourite social media sites and apps.

Facebook- We like to keep this page updated the most, as it’s our most popular and most commonly visited page. Our Facebook page will generally have the more timely information related to day-to-day activities, last-minute updates, and big changes to the store that we’d like our customers to know about.
You can find our Facebook page by clicking the link on our home page or by searching for Arkham Games on Facebook.

Twitter- We like to keep our tweets limited to fun blurbs, smaller updates about the store, and news that couldn’t be contained to just Facebook (such as really important news that we want to make sure everybody sees).
You can follow our Twitter handle by clicking the link on our home page or by searching for @arkhamgames on Twitter.

Snapchat- We like to share sneak peeks, funny moments while gaming, and pics/videos from around the shop throughout the day to keep you in the loop on whose all hanging out at Arkham and when.
You can friend us on Snapchat page by searching for @arkhamgames on Snapchat.

Instagram- We share silly selfies and pictures from fun and cool events here at Arkham, as well as from outside events we attend.
You can find our Instagram page by clicking the link on our home page or by searching for arkhamgamesiowa on Instagram.

Tumblr- It may not be the most main stream social outlet, but we like to blog, too! We like to post about current events in gaming, the Cthulhu mythos, and roleplaying.
You can find our Tumblr page by clicking the link on our home page or by searching for arkhamgamesia on Tumblr.

Return Policy

New, unopened items may be returned within 30 days with a receipt for store credit. Sorry, returns cannot be accepted on opened merchandise, books, preowned product, books, and magic cards. If an item is missing from your game, most manufacturers are very good about replacing pieces to you directly. If you are disappointed with a preowned purchase, you can always attempt to resell at whatever price you wish.

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