Daily Events

Board Game Night – Tuesdays 5:00-9:00

The board game crowd generally begins arriving at 5:00. Come and join a game someone has provided, bring a game from your collection, or grab a game from the shelf.

Board Game Display

D&D – Wednesdays 6:00-9:00

The play-space is reserved for roleplaying games.

Wargaming – Thursdays 6:00-9:00

Miniature wargaming rules the tables on Thursdays, with an established Warhammer 30k/40k community. As an authorized Games Workshop retailer, we have GW’s best sellers and Citadel’s full range of paints and hobby supplies for sale. Warhammer events are generally scheduled once a month, usually alternating between Apocalypse and Tournament style.
The game room is reserved for any miniature games people want to come in and play: Warhammer, Warmachine, Malefaux, HeroClix, Star Wars, etc. We have tables and terrain for use.

Warhammer 40K   Games Workshop Display

Friday Night Magic 7:00

Arkham is an FNM sanctioned location, providing four promos each week to our players. One goes to 1st place, one to 2nd, and one each to two other randomly chosen participants. Standard and Modern events are $6 entry which goes toward prize support. Booster Drafts are $15. The number of rounds depend on the number of players and swiss style is used (Each player plays every round, paired against an opponent with a similar win/loss record).
Players can also sometimes find pick-up games of casual Commander on Saturdays.

Learn more about Magic formats
Banned and restricted lists


Special events are usually scheduled on Saturdays. Magic Pre-releases, Game Days, Warhammer Tournaments.
If there isn’t a special event, the game room is open for gaming. Trade bricks for sheep, bring death to the false emperor, punch a bear, storm a castle, betray your companions, fell a king, go insane. When you’re a gamer, the possibilities are endless!

Kings of War – Sundays 1:00

Kings of War is in its 2nd Edition and gathering much support from former Warhammer Fantasy players. Mantic has done a fantastic job creating rulesets for existing Warhammer armies to be used in the game. This growing community gathers around 1:00 for gaming.